30 Years of the European School

In 2022 we are celebrating 30 years of the Berlin State European School. There was a big ceremony on May 2nd, where a commemorative publication was presented.

Link to the Festschrift on the SenBJF website:

Open Day 2022

The period of registration for the new first graders will be:

 from 10 October 2022 to  21 October 2022

Times: between 9.00 and 12.00 – Monday to Friday

Our Open Day 2022 will be at the 17. September 2022 from 10.00 till 13:00




All other information about registration can be found under “Admission”.

In memory of Laura Kluge

Dear parents,

Unfortunately, I have to bring you the sad news today that our colleague Laura Kluge died  during the Easter break after a serious illness. We are all shocked, stunned and left in deepest sadness. Laura left us much too early. We will miss Laura very much.

Class 5 eu A Winner of the Schulterblick Festival

Corona Phantasien 5euA
First Place Winner Of The Schulterblick
We are the 5euA and we won the Schulterblick Festival! Our teacher, Ms
MacLean, had the idea of us making a film. So, she asked a film director,
Carsten Volk, if he would make a film with us. Even if he had the fullest
schedule known to man he still came! We already had a plan for a film,
so we told Carsten and Carsten thought for a day. Then he came back and
said what we could do better. After he told us what we could do better, the
filming began. Sometimes some of us would still have lessons because
only the actors would go to places where the scene was going to be acted.
All the scenes together took 5 days and Carsten´s cutting and adding of the
music t ook 3 days. We saw it on Thursday. When Ms M a c L ean told us
about the festival and we heard that there were 22 films competing we all
lost hope and thought that we wouldn`t even be shown. Then it was time.
We all were watching from home. Lots of films were s hown but not ours
we had all officially lost hope! Then the last film was shown. We all
thought it wouldn`t be our film. Then the moderator said, “and now the last
film, 5euA from the Charles Dickens school”. We all couldn`t believe what
we were seeing! Then they listed the films. It started ! W e thought that we
would be 5 th place directly but we weren`t 5 th Not 4 th not 3 rd and not 2 nd
and then we all knew that we were 1 st And that we would all get a voucher
of 65 Euros! But the main thing was the f un we had making the film
By Daniel Herkenrath

You find the film on You Tube: Schulterblick Filmfestival 2020- look for first place schauen.

Corona Stufenplan and Other Relevant Details – please see below for information (in German only) on this four stages/phases plan from the Berliner Senat.


The latest Infektionsschutzverordnung (27.11.2020) explains what to do and what not to do at each of the four levels/phases in the Corona Stufenplan. For a PDF copy of this document in German only, please see:

New Infection Protection Regulations – information in German – 27.11.2020


Dear Parents,

Please continue to act responsibly and follow all the COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidelines and regulations:

  • Masks should be worn on the school grounds at all times. 
  • Dropping off and picking up your child should be done quickly and safely – please follow the school’s ‘Drop off and Pick up’ policy.
  • Only enter the school building(s) in exceptional cases and remember to practise ‘physical/social distancing’ at all times – please do not hold conversations with other parents or form discussion groups on the school premises. 

Thank you!

What is the Corona Stufenplan? 

The Corona Stufenplan is a four-tier stage-plan (i.e. a plan consisting of 4 stages or phases: 1. Green,  2. Yellow,  3. Orange, and 4. Red ) for Berlin schools. This Corona Stufenplan serves as a guide for the measures to be taken based on the rate of infection in Berlin, in the local district and at the affected school. This stage/phase plan shows which measures are to be taken if there is a change in the rate of infection.

The first two pages of the Corona Stufenplan (Berlin Corona 4 Stages/Phases Plan) are particularly relevant to primary schools in Berlin. Please go to:



Please see the link below for further information in German (which was published by the district authority of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin on 17 October 2020) on the general ruling regarding the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) – Isolation of Category I contact persons, persons suspected of having contracted the coronavirus and persons tested positive for the coronavirus: 

Allgemeinverfuegung Isolation Stand – 17.10.2020

For important information in English about a possible Stage/Phase 4 – Level Red (Berlin Corona Stufenplan) at the school, please see:

Berlin Covid Phased Plan – Level Red – Letter in English to Parents