From 1 August 2019 lunch will be free for all students in grades 1 to 6. The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family has written an info letter that you can read here.



The Charles-Dickens-School dining-hall is located in House 2 „Haus“2. It is operated by GREENs unlimited Berlin GmbH. Pupils and staff can choose daily between two dishes. The kitchen staff cater as much as possible to individual needs of the pupils.  Our school’s pedagogical support team accompanies and assists pupils during their lunch break. This enables them to take religious and health issues  into consideration. A contract with GREENs unlimited Berlin GmbH is a requirement for receiving warm lunches.


Since the founding of GREEN’s unlimited Berlin GmbH in 1995, the quality caterers for children and young people is an essential part of our business concept. A special product line ” children fare” was developed to meet the unique nutritional needs of children and adolescents . The current guidelines of DGE are primary points of orientation for our target audience, to provide a offer .

Extensive experience has been acquired by GREEN’s unlimited Berlin GmbH in the production and issuing of child-friendly meals on the basis of close co-operation ( as a subsidiary ) with the Schildkröte GmbH:

A team of experienced chefs cook fresh food daily, locally and in manageable quantities . The quality of food stands at the center of production. At least 36 % of the products used are products of organic farming . Products from the region are preferably used, without the use of synthetic flavor enhancers and preservatives! The food offered meet’s the taste preferences of children and young people of that age group as well as religious and cultural expectations without the nutritional quality suffering. One menu is always vegetarian .

GREEN’s unlimited Berlin GmbH works closely with its customers , the contact is intense, cooperative and mutually supportive. The further development of our site is secured through continuous communication with our clients.
Important: You will need the school number 04G15 to complete the contract .