Corona Stufenplan and Other Relevant Details – please see below for information (in German only) on this four stages/phases plan from the Berliner Senat.


The latest Infektionsschutzverordnung (27.11.2020) explains what to do and what not to do at each of the four levels/phases in the Corona Stufenplan. For a PDF copy of this document in German only, please see:

New Infection Protection Regulations – information in German – 27.11.2020


Dear Parents,

Please continue to act responsibly and follow all the COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidelines and regulations:

  • Masks should be worn on the school grounds at all times. 
  • Dropping off and picking up your child should be done quickly and safely – please follow the school’s ‘Drop off and Pick up’ policy.
  • Only enter the school building(s) in exceptional cases and remember to practise ‘physical/social distancing’ at all times – please do not hold conversations with other parents or form discussion groups on the school premises. 

Thank you!

What is the Corona Stufenplan? 

The Corona Stufenplan is a four-tier stage-plan (i.e. a plan consisting of 4 stages or phases: 1. Green,  2. Yellow,  3. Orange, and 4. Red ) for Berlin schools. This Corona Stufenplan serves as a guide for the measures to be taken based on the rate of infection in Berlin, in the local district and at the affected school. This stage/phase plan shows which measures are to be taken if there is a change in the rate of infection.

The first two pages of the Corona Stufenplan (Berlin Corona 4 Stages/Phases Plan) are particularly relevant to primary schools in Berlin. Please go to:



Please see the link below for further information in German (which was published by the district authority of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin on 17 October 2020) on the general ruling regarding the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) – Isolation of Category I contact persons, persons suspected of having contracted the coronavirus and persons tested positive for the coronavirus: 

Allgemeinverfuegung Isolation Stand – 17.10.2020

For important information in English about a possible Stage/Phase 4 – Level Red (Berlin Corona Stufenplan) at the school, please see:

Berlin Covid Phased Plan – Level Red – Letter in English to Parents


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