The garden is located away from the school yard, behind House 1. It is tended by the educators Frau Zentgraf, Frau Hofmann and Frau Köster as well as the children in their classes.
There is a small circular path in the garden with barefoot and balancing stretches. The children can strengthen the muscles of their feet on a rope net. The flower beds and plants are divided into three sections: a fragrance garden, a fruit/vegetable garden and a herb garden. Children learn not only “Das kleine Gärtner 1×1” (The Little Gardener 1×1) but also the symbiosis of flora and fauna. Of course, your own harvest tastes especially good! The garden is enriched with a bird feeding site, a hedgehog winter shelter, a rock garden and a small insect hotel.
The children quickly learn that a garden is not only about fun and games, but also about hard work and application. You can experience a lot of nature, observe the growth of plants and small animals and enjoy the changing seasons in just a few square meters.