The study of history begins in Year 5 and continues into Year 6 allowing for a degree of flexibility. The subject of history should be taught in chronological order to give the children a better grasp of the passage of time.

In Year 5, we begin with an exploration of what history is and individualize it by having the children explore and document their own personal history. We then move to discussing how the world began using scientific theory and myths and legends. An exploration of the Stone Age and Early Man follows. And if time permits, then the topics of Vikings and Explorers, such as Columbus and Magellan, can also be included.

History in Year 6 covers intense studies of The Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. If time permits, then the World Wars should be discussed.

Citizenship is also included as part and parcel of History. In citizenship we deal with: democracy in school, the community and the media. Children’s rights and maintenance of peace are also covered.