Saturday 17th September 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm
(Information in English and German at 11 am.)

  • Our school is a state bilingual primary school (no school fees).
  • We have small classes in which 50% of the children speak English as their native language and 50% of the children speak German.
  • Each class has two teachers, one native English speaking teacher and one German speaking.
  • Children with English as their mother tongue are taught to read and write English based on the English National Curriculum.
  • The remaining subjects are taught in either English or German.
  • All children are expected to have a basic knowledge of the other, partner language.
  • We are a “gebundene Ganztagsschule” which means that school time is from 8am to 4pm, four days a week, with one short day.
  • Our school is conveniently located with good public transport connections.