Open Day 2020

The next Open Day will be in September 2020.

The exact day will be published here in due time.



Free lunch for all children

From 1 August 2019 lunch will be free for all students in grades 1 to 6. The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family has written an info letter that they can read here.

Spring flea market 2020

We plan a new flea market in spring 2020.

The new date will be published here in time.

Child safety training

On 16.3.2019 and 30.03.2019 a child safety training takes place in the school. The training is done by Alpha Kids & Teens and costs € 25 per appointment.

There are 30 children per class.

The trainings take place at the following times:

Class 1 – 3 – Saturday 16.03.2019 (multipurpose room) / 10:00 – 12:30

Class 4 – 6 – Saturday 30.03.2019 10:00 – 12:30 (sports hall)

Please log in to the respective doddle list.

New Email Accounts

The school has new email accounts:

School secretary (Ms Loka):

Koordinator for the Erzieher: