PT English

Dear 6EuB – PT

My initial plan was to do some preparation work for Book Week, hence the Science Fiction topics.  As the weeks go by, and we are still in lockdown, I would now really like to hear back from you.

This week’s English task is to write a letter to me and send it via e-mail: .

*Note this is a different address from the one the parents have been using!

Answer these questions in your letter:

How are things going with you?

What have you been up to?

What is homeschooling like?

Have you managed to complete all your schoolwork, or has it been too much?

Have you needed help or worked independently?

Was it difficult to stay disciplined?

What has been fun or frustrating?

Do you feel worried about Corona?


In addition, I would like you to come up with interview questions, to find out how various age groups are experiencing the Corona lockdown:

  • Five questions that you would ask classmates
  • Five questions you would ask a parent
  • Five questions you would ask an elderly person

Try to formulate your questions in such a way that people cannot answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’, rather ‘open questions’ that force the interviewee to give a more detailed response.

Please send them back by Wednesday, 22nd April. I will then compile a list of questions based on what you have written. I will forward the list, then it is your job to interview the various age groups, but more about that later…

All things going well, the Year 6’s will be back at school early May. It is unlikely we will all be sitting together in one classroom but at least it will be a chance to see each other, with distance between us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Stay healthy!

Warmest regards,

Mrs MacLean