1. Where was Charles Dickens born?
  2. When was Charles-Dickens-Grundschule first opened?
  3. What big change happened at Charles-Dickens-Grundschule in 1992?
  4. When does the 6th lesson start at Charles-Dickens-GS?
  5. What is the name of the new catering company at Charles-Dickens-GS?
  6. Name at least 4 activities you can do with the Native Speakers (from the Parents’ Association)?
  7. How many Europe Schools are there in Berlin?
  8. Name at least 2 other free time activities offered at Charles-Dickens-GS (not from Parents’ Association)?
  9. Who was the Queen of England during most of Charles Dickens’ adult life?

10.Approximately how many students does Charles-Dickens-Grundschule have?

11.Who is the secretary at Charles-Dickens-GS?



Charles Dickens was born in England in 1812.

CDGS was first opened in 1971

In 1992 CDGS added the Europe School

The 6th lesson starts at 13.15 (1:15 pm).

GREENs is our new catering company.

Football, waveboarding, cooking, arts & crafts, science experiments, chess, drawing, homework, computer, dance, basketball and slacklining are just some of the many activities offered through the Parents’ Association with the Native Speakers.

There are a total of nine language combinations that can be chosen at 17 different elementary Europe schools and 13 secondary Europe schools in Berlin.

Sewing, pottery, Africa club, football, judo, computer skills, dance, theatre are other activities offered at CDGS.

The Queen of England was Queen Victoria for most of Charles Dickens’ adult life.

CDGS has about 450 students.

Frau Loka is the secretary at CDGS.