School Book Fund LMF

Dear parents and guardians,

the deregistration process for the school book fund is now closed.

Parents donated deposits to a total 7,004.20€ towards the new school computers. If you need a receipt for your donation for tax purposes, the Förderkreis have kindly offered to do this. You need to apply for this online here.

Parents that requested their deposit to be paid out and deregistered punctually by the 29th June have already had their deposits paid out. Please check your bank statement as follows:

Payouts for classes for the school year 2017 – 18
All 6th classes paid out on 30.07.18
All 5th classes paid out on 27.08.18
All 4th classes paid out on 03.09.18
All 3rd classes paid out on 03.09.18
All 2nd classes paid out on 07.09.18
All 1st classes paid out on 07.09.18

For the remaining parents we extended the deregistration period to 30th September. We are now working on these payouts and hope to have these completed by 31st October.