School crossing guard (lollipop kid) programme

The school is offering a training course for children from Year 5 who are interested in becoming school crossing guards.

Herr Fiedler, the local school traffic policeman, will be running the course over several weeks for pupils at the beginning of Year 5. Practice drills will be held at the corner of Dickensweg / Passenheimer Str, which will also be the future workplace of the children. A two-part written and practical examination then leads to qualification as school crossing guard. Besides the luminous crossing guard vest, equipment includes a crossing guard ID card and a stop signal disc (lollipop).

All the equipment is provided by the school. The children, working in pairs, will have crossing duty once a week from 7.30 to 7.50 am.

There are currently twelve children working in pairs as crossing guards. They are alternated every day. For their commitment and voluntary work the children will be invited to a big Pizza Party at the end of their active service and will be honoured during a school assembly with the presentation of book tokens from the Divan bookshop by the headmaster, Herr Effenberger.

If you have any further questions please contact Herr Bohrmann.