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Verbal Reports for the 3rd and 4th Classes

  • It is a mandatory requirement that there are three parents’ meetings per year. As a general rule, two are held in the first half-year and one in the second half-year.
  • According to the Schools Act, the first parents’ meeting is called by the parent representatives of the previous year. In the case of newly formed classes it is called by the teachers. As is often the case, the first meeting can also be called by the new class teachers.
  • Two votes may be cast for each pupil in elections and ballots at parents’ meetings, even if only one parent or legal guardian is present or exists (this also applies for single parents!).
  • If only one parent is present the authorisation of the other parent is not required for casting both votes!
  • If a parent or legal guardian bears the right of education for more than two pupils in the same class or school year, he/she can cast a maximum of four votes.
  • The votes can also be split (i.e. one for and one against an item on the agenda).
  • In the 3rd and 4th classes the parents must decide whether reports should be given verbally or in the form of graded report cards. Graded reports are the norm! If, however, 51% of the entitled parents vote for the verbal report, interviews are held in the first half year and a verbal report is given at the end of the school year.
  • The Schulkonferenz voted on January 12th, 2010 (after a recommendation by the staff) that the school policy is written reports (verbale Zeugnisse) in the 3rd class and graded reports (Notenzeugnisse) in the 4th
  • This decision then applies for the entire school year!
  • Only the votes of parents who are actually present will be counted. The votes of parents who are not present do not count, unless they cast their votes in writing before the parents’ meeting.

F. Effenberger 14.9.2016