Registration for 1. Class Pupils

Our school admits children who have English or German as their native language. Teachers meet with each child to assess their present stage of language development before admission. All children are required to have at least a passive understanding of the English language.

Registering your child at the Charles Dickens Europe School:

  1. First go to your child’s allocated school and fill out an application for a school transfer. (Umschulungsantrag)
  2. Bring this application, the child’s birth certificate and your identification card or police registration (with address) when registering.
  3. Please fill in the registration forms completely and legibly.

Please be aware that no registration forms can be accepted before the official registration dates.

Registration dates for school year 2021/2022:

September 28th till October 9th, 2020

The Open Day 2020 is canceled !

Please inform yourself on our homepage. The parents of the school will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send your questions to:

Please also be aware that you are personally responsible for registering your child. The allocated primary school will not do this for you.

Only fully filled out application forms, with all required documents can be accepted. No partially completed forms will be held.

Please bring a copy of all required documents (birth certificate, identification card and address registration ). We are not able to make copies for you.

Applications for Charles-Dickens as second choice can only be considered if spaces are available.

When accepted at the Berlin Europe Schools you must sign a declaration which can be downloaded below.

PDF DownloadDeclaration of Consent

PDF DownloadInformation to be provided where personal data are collected

Registration for transferring pupils are accepted continuously. Please contact us for more information.