The Charles Dickens Primary School has a Book Week the first week after the Easter school holidays.  During this week, the normal timetable is set aside and the children work on book theme-related projects.

Formal lessons take place from 8:00 to 14:00 each day with the exception of Friday. Students are able to be picked up at 11:30 on the Friday. (Care is available till 16:00 each day for those who cannot be picked up early.)

All the activities centre around books: reading, listening to, discussing, writing and making books.  The children read (and listen to) as many books as they can during this week.

There is also a financial side to Book Week, in the form of sponsorship. This means that parents, friends, neighbours and relatives agree to pay a small sum (10 Cents, or more)  per book read (or per chapter from longer books) to/by the child during the week.  The money collected in each class is then used to buy more books for the class as well as for the school library.  This form of sponsorship, which is common in Britain and the US, is rare in Germany and often has to be explained in detail to potential sponsors.

Our annual Book Week strives to promote the pupils’ interest in books and reading, and the sponsorship aspect aims to give the children the feeling that they themselves are contributing to the school library.  Many of the older children see it as a fun challenge to read as many books as they can, and thus raising funds to buy lots of wonderful new fiction and non-fiction books for the school!

The Book Week themes alternate: one year, each class can select their own theme, the following year, the whole school chooses one theme for everyone to explore.

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