Exercise, games and sports are an indispensable part of everyday school life. A diversity of exercise activities enhance the healthy physical and mental development of the children and provide social experiences that help to create a positive classroom and school environment.

Our school playground is therefore designed as a dynamic landscape that encourages rope games, climbing, swinging and balancing. There are two ping-pong tables, several goalposts and baskets, a small tartan playing field for ballgames, as well as a variety of games equipment that can be borrowed from the caravan for an “active break”. Further sporting activities are provided during the lunch breaks in clubs for basketball, football, dance, slacklining and waveboarding, which are organised by native speakers and paid specialists.

Charles Dickens Primary School takes part in various sporting events and competitions over the course of the year. Particular emphasis is placed on running events. In-school races like Charlie’s Run and the Dickens Mile Run are already established traditions. And the school also participates in district and all-Berlin competitions such as the mini-MARATHON and the Vattenfall School Cross-Country Cup.

Overview of annual sporting events and competitions

Term Events / Competitions
Summer * Hubertus relay

* Swimming competition for 3rd classes

* National Youth Games (4th-6th classes)

* Mini National Youth Games (1st-3rd classes)

* ISTAF School Relay – Berlin Qualification and “schnelle Socke”

* Long distance swimming “AROUND SCHARFENBERG”

* Charlie’s Run

* Berlin “mini-MARATHON”

Autumn * Berlin Schools Relay Day

* Vattenfall School Cross-Country Cup

* Orienteering

Winter * Nicholas Tournament

*Drumbo Cup district rounds (indoor tournament)

Spring * Dickens’ Mile Run

* Drumbo Cup (track round)

* Drumbo Cup Final (track round)

* SESB football tournament

* Space Jogger – pupil duathlon

* Vattenfall School Cup Cross-Country Final

* Olympic games youth training – ATHLETICS