Dear parents and guardians,

the school book fund is now officially closed and will be dissolved on 2nd November 2018.


A total of 178 parents have waived the payment of the deposit and instead donated it to the Förderkreis. The amount of 7.004,20€ will be used for the purchase of new computer equipment in house 1. The headmaster and the teachers thank you. This will benefit your children enormously.

If you need a receipt of your donation for tax purposes, you can apply for it at the Förderkreis.

Please send this per E-Mail to the Förderkreis at: or use the postbox in house 1 or send it per post to:

Dickens Förderkreis zur Zweisprachigen Erziehung e.V.
An der Charles Dickens-Schule SESB
Dickensweg 15
14055 Berlin

Pay out of deposits

Parents that requested their deposit to be paid out and deregistered punctually by the 29th June have already had their deposits returned. Please check your bank statement as follows:

Payouts for classes in the school year 2017 – 18

All 6th classes paid out on 30.07.18
All 5th classes paid out on 27.08.18
All 4th classes paid out on 03.09.18
All 3rd classes paid out on 03.09.18
All 2nd classes paid out on 07.09.18
All 1st classes paid out on 07.09.18

For the remaining parents we extended the deregistration period to 30th September. These deposits have now also been paid on on 4th October 2018. Please check your bank statement.


The school book fund bank account will be closed on Friday 2nd November 2018.

All personal information including bank account details, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers both in paper form and in electronic from will be destroyed by the 2nd November 2018..

The following information will be retained in order that any future enquiries can be answered. This information will be held by Charles Dickens Primary School only.

  • Name and class of the child participating in the school book fund.
  • Date and sum of the yearly payments and deposits made into the school book fund.
  • Date and sum of all payments returned to parents.
  • Donation forms
  • Bank account statements.
  • Profit and loss statements.
  • Yearly balance sheets.
  • Financial statistics.

The e-mail address and the previous e-mail address will be deactivated on 2nd November. Thereafter please direct any enquiries to the school.

Many thanks to all the organisers, parents and volunteers that helped with the school book fund over the years and made this so successful.

Frank Effenberger (CDGS), Jana Wendlandt (GEV), Patrick Lawrence (LMF Organiser)