Laughing – Hearts

A bountiful collection of donated gifts surrounding our Charles Dickens Christmas Tree. Thank you all – these will be donated to the Children in Care.

Brave behavior

Today the team leader Prevention of the “Bundespolizei“ Mr. Schild was at our school to honor a student for her behavior, which she showed at a S-Bahn Station in Charlottenburg on 19 September 2018. In the presence of her classmates from the 5th and 6th grade classes  Fiona from the 6 euC received a certificate and small gifts  for her courageous appearance.

1st Newsletter of the 2018/19 School Year

The first newsletter of the 2018/19 school year is out now. Click here

Walk to School

Dear parents,

Every year September 22nd is “Walk to School“  day, not only in Germany but worldwide. On this day, children are encouraged to move – to come to school on foot, by bike or by scooter. We want to participate in this event again this year.

The action days “Walk to School” take place from:

17.9.2018 until 28.9.2018

During this period, everybody at Charles Dickens Primary School should refrain from using the car from Flatowallee, so that Dickensweg becomes a “car-free zone” for this period. It would be nice if everyone again took part in it and actively supported this action by deliberately avoiding using the car for the final meters to the school gate.



National Youth Games 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

 For this year the National Youth Games for Years 4-6 will take place on Friday, 28th September 2018.

The children will meet in their classrooms at 8am and then walk, supervised by staff members, to Hanns-Braun-Stadium in the Olympic Grounds. From 9am to 1pm the pupils will take part in the long jump, ball throwing, 50 meters sprint and long distance race. All classes will remain at the Olympic Grounds throughout this time. There are no changing facilities on site, so please send your children to school dressed in sports gear and sturdy shoes. Remember to pack sufficient food and drink, and if necessary, rainwear.

If your child is allowed to go home directly from Hanns-Braun-Stadium, please write this into the blue school planer. The school planer must then be brought to the stadium that day.

If there is heavy and constant rain on the day the event will be cancelled and all classes will have lessons from 8am to 1pm.

Yours faithfully,

The teaching staff of Charles Dickens Primary School