Dickens Förderkreis for Bilingual Education

With its Native Speaker program and by financing the school library the Förderkreis helps to make sure that the children at Charles Dickens School are encouraged in many different ways and better supported than in other Berlin schools.

The Förderkreis offers a wide range of activities with the aim of helping the children to become fully conversant with and comfortable in both English and German. Learning and playing in a bilingual environment during their first years of school gives them a specific advantage in knowledge and skills compared to their peers at other schools. They can build on this advantage later in life during secondary school, at university or in their job.

Our effort to build the foundation for our children’s future success is exclusively funded by membership fees and donations. This is why all children at the school should become members of the Förderkreis and together ensure that the quality of learning at Charles Dickens Primary School is exceptionally high.

Please refer to the website of the Förderkreis to download the application form and find out more about the Förderkreis, our Native Speaker program and the school library.