The GEV is the body, required under the Schools Act that represents the interests of every parent at a school. It is made up of two parent representatives from every class and delegates parent representatives to the other school committees such as the School Conference, the General Conference and the District Parents’ Committee. At the beginning of the school year the circa 38 parent representatives in the school elect the board members and chairperson of GEV from among their number.

The GEV Board is in constant contact with the school administers and also represents the interests of the parents in dealings with the school authorities (district school sponsors, Senate, etc.). The board of the GEV also becomes involved when problems arise in individual classes that cannot be resolved by talks between the parent representatives and class teachers.

The GEV Board can be contacted under:

The GEV can also set up groups that are dedicated to specific topics. An example of this at Charles Dickens Primary School is the School Book Fund.

Current board members:

Katrin Sahab (2 a )
Shwetal Rai (4 euB)
Philipp Marschal ( 5 euA)
Nicole Kokowicz  (3 EuA)

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  • Here is a “data protection letter” explaining how to write the minutes of parent evenings and of GEV conferences and how to deal with email lists. Note Germany is fussy about data protection. It is best to follow rules to avoid trouble 🙂
  • The police offers to check busses and bus drivers prior to class trips free of charge for safety reasons. If the parents of a class request this – for peace of mind, then an „application “ has to be filed from the parent reps at least two weeks before the class trip starts.
  • The by-laws of our GEV are here.
• Interscholastic Parents Committees :
District Parents Committee” = BEA (Bezirkselternausschuss)  :
Ojective of the BEA is to represent the interests of parents in matters of general education of schools in the district .
City Parents’ Committee ” = LEA (Landeselternausschuss) :  The LEA is the highest school level of parents’ representation in Berlin .
• Some Senate Offerings :
Welcome to Berlin” information package